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Discovering Best Practices for Working with Autism Spectrum Disorders

The educational programs and teaching approaches that are considered "best practices" are those that research has documented to be effective. 


The book Educating Children with Autism (National Research Council, 2001) states, "Children's outcomes are variable, with some children making substantial progress and others showing very slow gains.  Although there is evidence that interventions lead to improvements, there does not appear to be a clear, direct relationship between any particular intervention and children's progress."

There are significant differences in philosophy and practice that provide a range of educational alternatives to consider. Educators and researchers continue to explore the long term results of various educational and therapeutic options. 

The goal of this department is to provide current information leading to a greater understanding of educational options and best practices for educating individuals with ASD.


Creating Successful Summer Camp Programs for Students with Austim Spectrum Disorders - Audio Interview with Pamela Lemerand
Creating Successful Summer Camp Programs for Students with Austim Spectrum Disorders - Audio Interview with Pamela Lemerand The following is an audio interview with Pamela Lemerand from Eastern Michigan University. She speaks with Autism Family Online about creating summer camp options for children with ASD. Summer camping adventures can provide great experiences for students with Autism Spectrum Disorders if there is proper planning and support. This interview with Pamela Lemerand highlights how some successful situations were a benefit to students. It is important to remember that planning for summer options needs to begin with plenty of lead time for all the pieces to fit together. . . . keep reading
5 Guidelines to Help Clinicians Work With Parents of Special Needs Children
Denise Meissner
5 Guidelines to Help Clinicians Work With Parents of Special Needs Children WANNA GET INVOLVED? 5 GUIDELINES TO HELP CLINICIANS APPROACH & WORK WITH PARENTS OF CHILDREN WITH SPECIAL NEEDS. Imagine how you feel when your ideas of what should happen (i.e. when you start a new job, go on vacation, or make plans to have children) collide head on with what really happens (i.e. co-workers are difficult to deal with, hurricane disrupts your vacation, or child begins to present with developmental irregularities). This is a classic fantasy-meets-reality situation in which feelings of excitement and joy may be replaced by feelings of fear and despair. As a mother of a child with Autism, I have first hand experience regarding the fear, despair, anger, and frustration that challenges a parent. . . . keep reading
Understanding Students with Austism Spectrum Disorders
Linda Hodgdon, M.Ed., CCC-SLP
Understanding Students with Austism Spectrum Disorders Autism can be a mystery . . . a puzzle . . . It can leave us perplexed . . . bewildered . . . confused. Here is our challenge We need to be detectives. Colombo and Sherlock Holmes were observers of details. And that is what we need to do. Watch. Pay attention. Look at the bigger picture. And this is what I find Those who really try to "learn" who these students are do learn. They figure out a lot about how individual students think and reason and understand. . . . keep reading
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